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Orange County Register Newspaper  February 2006

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From Cantina Light Pictures Newsletter -- Published September 2010

I had the wonderful opportunity to ask Cindy Lieber, owner of WeddingTennies.com, some questions about what she does as well as some tips she would give brides when trying to get more comfortable. We had a nice chat and I came away with some great information you're going to want to read about.

Me: Hi Cindy and thank you for giving me this opportunity to ask you some questions!

Cindy: Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to this!

Me: Let me start by asking you how long you have been involved in the wedding industry?

Cindy: I've been providing footwear to brides for oh about 10 years now. I started in 2000 and have been fortunate enough to have been on the feet of many brides as they took their turns walking down the aisle.

Me: So you provide footwear? Is it a far reach from what brides are using now?

Cindy: Well yes and no. First, yes my company is a tennis shoe company. We provide product that ranges from tennis shoes all the way to flip flops. We're a bit different in that we aren't your traditional medium. Having said this, brides have been wanting to become more and more relaxed at their weddings. It's not uncommon to see brides today wear flip flops or any other non traditional shoe on their wedding day.

Me: Is it a trend that has been going on for quite some time now?

Cindy: Wearing flip flops/sandals/tennis shoes? No! But it wasn't as prevalent in past years as it is today.

Me: Why would you say that is? In wanting something that is different than their cousins/sisters/friends wedding are they looking change up what they wear?

Cindy: That's a great question, Sam. I would say that brides are wanting to be much more unique today. They're certainly getting more creative and one way to differentiate themselves is to wear nontraditional shoes that still look chic and fun. What makes our line up of shoes different is that the bride have a slew of choices. We have a wide array of colors and styles not to mention 4 inch heels. Can you imagine 4 inch high flip flops and tennis shoes?

Me: I've been around the industry for quite some time and must agree with you. I've seen almost everything you could see when it comes to shoes but I haven't seen 4 inch high flip flops or tennis shoes.

Cindy: Yes, they're becoming more prevalent. Brides will sometimes go traditional as they walk down the aisle. You know, they'll wear they Jimmy Choos or Kate Spades but when it comes to reception time they want something more "at home" and comfortable. Many times they'll want to make sure that they match the height of their traditional shoes with our shoes. As a result, the 4 inch high flip flop or tennis shoe!

Me: Ah, that make sense. Especially if they've been fitted for a dress based on a certain height of shoe!

Cindy: You got it!

Me: So Cindy, tell me. You've been around this industry for a while, what one tip would you give a bride today?

Cindy: I'm sure you heard this over and over, Sam. But I'll say it, make a budget! That's the one thing I would suggest that every bride does first, during, and lastly. Make a budget, monitor that budget, and come in on that budget.

Me: You're right, I've heard the budget tip many times. It goes to show you how important industry experts feel about making a budget. Is there anything you can elaborate on regarding why?

Cindy: Well yes. As I mentioned earlier, brides want something a bit more unique nowadays and that's why my company has been doing well. Nontraditional footwear is unique, let's face it. Sometimes, however, I'll speak with a bride and find that she really wants to set herself apart on her wedding day but her budget is so over the top with traditional needs for a wedding such as a DJ, Photographer, Florist, etc...that she doesn't have the budget to add that extra element of pizazz which in some cases are my shoes. I understand that unique shoes are a luxury and not a necessity at a wedding but as you guys say in photography, "It's all about capturing moments". You know how many brides I run into who remember their flip flops or tennis shoes? Almost as much as they remember their dress. Believe it or not, my products can lead to wonderful moments and memories they will cherish.

Me: Well said, Cindy. I must say that we have captured many photos where the bride has on a pair of real nice flip flops or tennis shoes and I can say that those photos almost always make their albums because it something they want to remember having. Cindy Lieber's company is Wedding Tennis and you can visit them at www.weddingtennies.com. She certainly can help add an element of fun and uniqueness to any wedding!

Cindy: As a matter of fact Sam I want to extend an offer out to your readers! Buy 1 pair of my shoes and get the next pair half off!!!! Please mention this article to get this limited time promo!

Me: Cindy, thank you for allowing me the time.

Cindy: Thank you, Sam! 
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